Libraries aren’t just for books anymore. They have become social centers that serve many of the needs of their communities. One of these needs is live music performances for people who might otherwise not have access to club,concert and festival  venues. Without having to spend any money, deal with driving, parking, and staying out late, libraries  provide a haven of enlightening entertainment. 

Mick Archer presents a variety of themed shows that combine performance, lecture, slide shows ( a big part of all of his presentations), Q&A, and even sing-along.There are themes based on months/seasons, literary and film genres,  historical and general culture topics. His thousands of hours  on stages all over the world, in many musical and theatrical settings, make him a natural library presenter. 

Every year since 2013 he attends the REACHING FORWARD conference hosted by THE ILLINOIS LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, and this year was going to showcase his new piano duet,THE BLUES 88’s. Unfortunately, that was cancelled  due to the corona virus, but photos, posters, videos and letters of reference are available.   

Reference From Plainfield Public Library